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Thread: How Does It Look For Saturday?

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    Default How Does It Look For Saturday?

    The weather is calling for more rain Tues. night & Wednesday. If there is no rain on Fri. & Sat. like they are saying, what are the chances the track would be fit for racing Sat. night?

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    I stopped at the track on Sunday afternoon, and it really wasn't in too bad of shape. If they can get on the track by tomorrow to get the rain ruts out of it I believe we can race. May need a few extra tear-offs, but hey a little mud never hurt anyone!

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    Vinton County Junior Fair
    ** Notice ** The Go-Kart Race at VC Raceway on April 30th, 2011 has been cancelled d/t weather. The race for May 7th, 2011 has been changed to May 14th, 2011. Sorry to all you racers and fans

    This is from there fair board ******** page.
    It's all fun till the cops show up............again.

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