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Thread: HUFF CHASSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Need contact number for Huff Chassis' in Marietta Ohio

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    Forrest sold out & retired a couple of years ago. Josh & Tom Sigler now have all of the jigs, equipment, etc. The are located south of St Marys, WV, and are building & repairing the same chassis's that Huff previously built.
    The office phone number for 'Sigler Fabrication' is (304) 665-7333, cell #
    (304) 299-0041, or they can be contacted by e-mail @ '' .

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    I was told Sat. Huff may be working there.

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    thanks for the info! We are trying to get our car set up need ride heights and %'s for set up

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    Does anyone remember the time ole Huff and Carl Shorter got into fistcuffs at Hermans racing banquet in Parkersburg? I heard that's why Huff sold out. He was afraid Carl was comin back after him again and he hightailed it outta town.

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