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    I know this isn't a tech forum..but the big tech forums like 4m can't provide the in-depth knowledge of the local guys that run this track...

    we run an 02 Boss LM chassis at Wayne County (#33C). Last year I got my feet wet, stayed out of the way, and learned the car with a basic setup...and now I plan to move up and see what the car can really do...

    I'm trying to map out parts to purchase for next season, and new rear shocks are on the list (And I'm on a budget), so I'm looking to determine the best possible setup that will encompass as many scenarios as possible.

    I am currently running in the back:
    250 LR on 94 shock behind, with dummy in front
    225 RR on 94.

    Going to go with 200LR, 225RR to start off next season, based on the general concensus....Is this common for this track?

    I have a Pro 94/0.5 shock for LR I can use as well, and was considering the purchase of two new rear shocks..was going to go Afco 93/5 for RR...but need to know what to do about LR:

    Run new 96-2 Afco in coil-over with dummy up front
    Run 96-2 up front with Dummy in back
    Run 96-2 in coil over with 94/0.5 up front
    Reverse of the above.

    I have an Afco double adjustable in the RF on a 400 spring, and a 4.5/4.5 Pro MB1 shock in a 500 spring on the LF

    Is 96-2 a good all around choice? How much of a difference in drive will I see from any of the above choices? Any other suggestions? What do other guys run that works well? Any help would be appreciated...even if you're not sure, but can direct me to someone that can help, that would be awesome! Thanks!

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    try keith berner online at "accu force"; has phone# etc. knows his stuff !

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