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Thread: nier at east bay

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    Mr. Floyd all of a sudden seems to have taken an interest in class his favorite track doesn't run

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    i dont care either, then again i dont care anything about sprints.

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    wow ! after seeing these reponses I guess I started something that wasn't intended. Jim has always said what he thinks , and I respect that, even if I don't always agree. He was straight up and straitforward when he said he was not going to run the track himself again (and it was for sale), because he prefered to race . Told all what was going on in plenty of time for everyone to make other plans , much better than at least 2 other tracks I know of who haven't said ANYTHING as of today. I happened to be in florida due to health reasons , and saw he was racing , so wished him luck ; that's all there was to the post. Hope the track can still open by someone. Many of us raced there a long time ago, so would hate to see the place shut down.

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