The 2012 Racing season of the FASTRAK Racing Series "powered by City Chevrolet" SE/ME Region will begin the points chase this weekend with a $20,000 double header. The first race will happen at Cleveland County Speedway in Lawndale NC Friday night and then on to race number two at 311 Speedway in Pine Hall NC Saturday night.

The points championship pays $10,000 to win the region through the top 10. Teams must be a member and run 75% of the Tour events in the SE/NE Region to qualify for point money.

Keep in mind the new winners certificate from Genesis shocks of $100 per event and also the Integra shocks $100 certificate for the tough luck award for every touring event in the region.

Drawings for the fans will continue in the 2012 season.
(1) for Grand Marshall to throw the green flag
(1) for a ride in the pace truck during he 4 wide salute

Wide salute to the fans and fireworks are all a part of the show at every FASTRAK SE/ME Tour event.