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    what are the rules for the mini weges ? is the CL1 cam allowed ? what time is the start time ? thank you

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    CL1 cam is NOT allowed,we are the last hotlaps,first heat,and the feature is just befor the b-mains.Hot Laps at 6:00 pm Races at 7:30 pm
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    2012 Mini Wedge Rules


    Ok all here are the 2012 rules for the mini wedges for Hilltop Speedway also there is a waiver that must be signed and notarized and on file with Hilltop Speedway before your child or children will be able to compete I just want to take a minute and say a special thanks to all who attended the rules meeting I really do appreciate everyones input these are a rough draft at this point and open for discussion if there is something you would like to se changed or added please feel free to post here or im me you can get the 2012 waiver forms by emailing Jesse Wardell at the Hilltop Speedway link or call him at
    (330)763-1481and if you need to contact me I can be reached at (740)398-2697 please read carefully as some things have changed
    Andy Dice

    Wheel base 45” – 55”.

    Max Width (Outside Tires) 46"

    Minimum ground clearance 2”.

    No Roofs, cars must remain topless.

    All cars must be constructed of steel tubing with a minimum 6-point roll cage including side protection cage (must be minimum .083) using 1” steel tubing welded to frame.

    Engine must be behind the Driver’s seat, off set to the right or left is permitted.

    Floor pan must be steel or minimum of .063 aluminum securely bolted (no pop rivets) to frame, must fully cover from seat front to past the foot pedals.

    All cars must have Late Model Style Body with no open wheels permitted.

    Side panels must extend a minimum 4” behind the rear wheels.

    No open rear deck, must have either a solid rod or a minimum of 4” deck panel across the top back portion of the rear deck.

    No covered or enclosed motors. Motors must remain completely visible.

    Rear deck height must measure between 20”-24” high from the ground.

    Body must be constructed of .040 aluminum. Plastic is acceptable for use only on the nose and trim.

    Any chassis bars above 6” from ground, cannot have more than 2” of protruding ends this includes body brackets and supports. Measurement will be made from closest welded joint.

    Side crash bars must be flush with outside of front and rear wheels. Must run length wise from at least center of rear wheel hub to center of front wheel hub. Must be 1" round or square tubing with a minimum .083 thickness. Must be welded to main frame in no less than 4 places.

    At least one vertical door bar must be welded on each side of driver running from main frame rail to side crash bars for driver’s protection. Must be 3/4” or larger .083 wall.

    Front and rear bumpers must be at least 3/4” .083 tubing.rear bumper must a twin tube style 4" max height with 2 vertical support bars in the middle

    Bottom of control pedals must connect to frame behind front down tubes. Front down tubes are mandatory. Rear down tubes are mandatory and must extend to the center of the rear axle min.

    Vertical support posts must run from main frame rail to top of roll cage, be welded on both ends and be constructed of at least 1” round or square tubing. 083 wall thickness. Must be one right and one left positioned near driver’s shoulder and run near parallel with back of seat.

    Seat mounts (4) required must be constructed from no less than 3/4” .083 wall tubing or 3/16” thick flat material and all mounts must be welded to main frame. NO clamp on mounts permitted.

    All cars must have horizontal cross bar behind the seat, positioned about half way between bottom frame rails and top of roll cage constructed of no less than 3/4” .083 wall tubing and welded to vertical support post.

    Aluminum, steel, or fiberglass seats

    If you use a fiberglass seat you must have a minimum thicknes .125 aluminum plate mounted directly behind drivers seat and should cover no less than half of the drivers back minimum coverage accepted is jug area on engine block

    Throttle pedal or control rod must have a return spring along with a return spring on carburetor throttle linkage.

    Two kill switches must be on the car and must both shut down motor separately. One must be
    located in cockpit and within driver’s reach, second kill switch must be located at top left rear corner of roll cage. Must be a on / off type switch, NO Kill buttons no 3 way switches.

    Any weight added to car MUST be bolted or welded to frame painted white with the car number on it

    All cars must weigh a minimum of 315 pounds after the race with the driver and safety equipment. Cars may be weighed at any time.

    All cars must have a metal/aluminum chain guard.

    All cars must have a 12” minimum number on both sides of car, if your number is too small or not easy to read, you may not be scored.

    All cars must have a 6"x12" rigid plate (i.e.aluminum or plastic) mounted securely to the right rear down tube either black or white in color if plate is black must use white number if plate is white must use black number this plate is for your number only ariel bold type font
    only number must be on both sides of plate able to be read from the scoring tower no exceptions on color or font type

    Must have a blue restrictor plate between the carb and the head the restrictor plate may be no bigger than .550" this will be checked with a no go guage

    Any YELLOW or BLUE Clone 6.5 Hp OHV Motor can be ran. Must have Stock Carb with working choke . You can Move the Gas Tank, Change the exhaust, or even change Air Cleaners but the Motor itself has to be an unaltered Blue or Unaltered Yellow Clone Motor. If it is not listed in the rules, it must remain stock. The jet can be no more than .040 (This will be checked)

    Power must be transmitted by a centrifugal type clutch. No direct drive or push start cars allowed. No variable drive systems. No belt drive

    Only stock valve springs and stock rocker arms allowed.

    Engine must also have the stock flywheel key installed no offset or removal of flywheel key allowed

    No machine work can be done to the motor. No billet flywheel

    No use of Alcohol or Fuel additives. Fuel can be checked at ANYTIME with a fuel hydrometer. If fuel is tested after a race and determined “illegal” you will be disqualified.

    You may file the throttle stop for maximum opening of the throttle.

    Cars must be recoil start permanently attached to the motor

    Header pipes are permitted headers must be wrapped if you do not have your header wrapped track staff will not try to start your kart in the event it stalls

    Air Adapter is permitted, with filter, example K&N or Generic Air Filter allowed.

    Any approved Kart plastic race tank may be used. Must be mounted in a safe location. Plastic tank MUST have on/off valve attached to the tank.

    must have a tie wrap wrapped securely around the spark plug with the tail still attached this is to be used as an emergengy kill switch


    No suspension allowed, no springs, shocks, rubbers, torsion bars of any type permitted.

    Brakes must be in proper adjustment and in safe working order.


    Open tire rule, any brand or racing tire slicks or treaded will be permitted 11x6x6 max size


    Age limit is 6 years through 13 years old. You MUST provide 2 copies of birth certificate to race.if participant turns 14 after first scheduled race he/she will be permitted to finish the season if he/she turns 14 before the first scheduled race he/she will not permitted to compete tentative date for 2011 is April 2nd

    All drivers must wear an approved SFI-1 certified or SFI3-2A/1 fire suit. SFI certification patch required on suit.

    All drivers must wear at least a full face D.O.T. certified helmet. A full faced Snell-rated helmet is recomended Snell SA95 or higher is recomended

    All drivers must wear neck brace.

    All cars must be equipped with a minimum four (4) point harness system with at least 1 3/4” minimum belts date on the belts must be no more than 2 years old. All cars must have 2 triangle type side window nets attached to the roll bar.

    All drivers must wear a closed toed shoe, no sandals, flip flops, etc Flame retardant racing type shoes recomended

    Fire proof gloves are mandatory.

    Arm restraints are required for the drivers, must be located between the elbow and the wrist.


    All drivers must be accompanied by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN ONLY.

    All cars will be lined up according to their pill draw for the heat race. Failure to draw a pill before the lineup will result in the driver starting at the tail of the heat.

    You need to know when you will be racing. Allow plenty of time to prepare the driver.
    (buckling up, suiting up, etc)

    Track officials will make all scoring and judgment calls. Their decisions are FINAL.

    If a motor change is necessary after the heat race, you must “tag the tail” in the feature race and the motor you took off AND the motor you finish will be teched.

    If have problems with your kart after the field has taken the track and the race is held up for you (i.e. your kart stalls and an extra parade lap is taken or karts are stopped on the backstretch waiting ) you must tag tail no exceptions


    Weekly tech inspections will be done by parents at no time will a parent be allowed to tech thier own car there will be 2 parents chosen weekly to do inspections there will also be a head tech inspector that will show up from time to time and will tear down the top 2 karts and 1 from a random draw bring buckets

    The head tech inspector may tear a motor down as far as he/she believes necessary.

    If the inspector rules that your motor or part of your motor is illegal, you will be disqualified. The inspector’s decision is final.

    If you have any question about your motor being legal, YOU need to have it checked. It is your responsibility to make sure that your motor is legal. A brand new (out of the box) motor does not make it legal. There are variances in the manufacturing processes.

    If any participant, car, motor, or personal safety equipment is found to be improper, unsafe, or illegal, you will be disqualified.

    Infractions are considered as any illegal act committed on purpose for an advantage gain over their competitors that is not allowed by the rules. Tampering with any part of the carburetor, head, block, cam, after market cam, wrong rod, and wrong piston, wrong head gasket, wrong fuel, arguing with any track official or going to track promoters will result in automatic disqualification.

    Buyout: there will be a 200.00 buyout on the winners motor each week any competitor or track official may "buy" the winners engine if as a competitor you wish to buy the winners engine your kart must be running and have completed the race track officials may also claim the winning motor
    1st refusal:loss of any and all points and prizes for the evenings events
    2nd refusal:loss of all points and awards for the evenings events and a 2 week suspension
    3rd refusal:loss of all points and awards for the evenings events and suspended for the remainder of the season

    DISCLAIMER: Motorsports of any kind are dangerous. This class of cars is sold and run without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty or representation is made as to the tracks ability to protect the participant from any injury or death. The participant assumes that risk.

    VISION: It is the vision and desire of the staff and management at Hilltop Speedway to create a safe, fun, and fair enviroment to these young men and women as they embark upon thier potential racing careers

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    thanks brian,i was looking at how to do that!!!!

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