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January 3rd, 2013
For Immediate Release:

and Official 2013 Renegade of Dirt Modified Tour Tire Rule

(Middlebourne, WV) The Eastern Dirt Grassroots Entertainment company is continuing its forward movement on the grassroots racing level. Officials from the EDGE remain at work during the winter months to provide racers and facilities inside the EDGE sanction the best chance of success in 2013 and beyond. As a team (the sanction and its affiliate facilities) are growing anxious as the upcoming race season approaches to showcase the vast possibilities available for its over three hundred sanctioned members in 2013. The EDGE E-modified tire rule has been a point of much discussion among participants, track operators, and sanction officials over the past 12 months.

There is a tremendous need to find ways to lower the cost to compete, and it is a well known and widely accepted practice to implement a tire rule to accomplish this. EDGE is keenly aware of the need to find effective cost cutting measures during our current economic downturn. At the same time, EDGE also realizes that sweeping changes to any rule at the present time may financially cripple many racers and be a detriment to EDGE sanctioned race tracks. Taking into account the current economy as well as the classes future health, and after much deliberation and investigation, EDGE has made the following decision:

For the 2013 season, for all EDGE E-modified division sanctioned events (this includes national weekly and Renegade Modified touring events) only the use of any medium or harder compound 8" modified racing tire will be allowed. The use of any SOFT compound tire is illegal. Any medium or harder compound which includes the Hoosier M100 & M200 compound tires are LEGAL. The tires may be siped and grooved, however chemically altering the tire by any means (treatments, etc.) is illegal and strictly enforced.

However, beginning in the 2014 season, all EDGE sanctioned weekly events will require the use of the time tested, durable and single compound (G60) racing tire. This tire was originally developed for the IMCA modified division, and is still used by that sanction to date. It has proven to be cost effective in multiple ways. The tire comes in 2 sizes and 1 compound, has a tougher casing with more plys than the current open modified tires being used. The tougher sidewalls have proven to withstand tire rubs without going flat far better than current tires and have been used with success for 2 seasons in the (former TSMA) Hot Mod division. The base durometer number is much harder than currently used tires and will significantly diminish the need for a large inventory for the racers. The single compound will take guess work out of the equation, and control the costs of racing inside the EDGE E-Modified division.

In addition to cutting tire costs for the racers, the use of this tire will hopefully aid in leveling the playing field from top to bottom and provide great racing action. EDGE as well as the EDGE sanctioned tracks are in agreement and dedicated to this tire rule going forward, beginning in the 2014 season. EDGE feels that the rules being implemented as stated will serve the racers and tracks in the near future and beyond. 2013 can be used by all teams as a "burn off" season, allowing all competitors the opportunity to get the full usage of their current tire inventory. To mandate the rule change for the impending season could possibly be such a hardship to many teams that it would render negative results for racers and tracks.

“We feel by allowing the racers the opportunity in 2013 to burn off any current inventory will allow a smooth transition into the G-60 tire and prevent any financial hardships” stated Cody Watson. “With the current state of the economy and the effect it has had on grassroots racing the time has come to cut costs and focus on strengthen weekly programs with rules that discourage unlimited spending” replied Watson. “After talking with the majority of weekly racers and attending many off season meetings, the hard but necessary decision is being made” added Dan Patterson. “The desire for change is evident throughout the majority of the E-modified division and we feel the best option for everyone is to introduce the G-60 tire rule” concluded Patterson.

EDGE is also happy to announce partnership with American Racer has been extended into 2013 for the Hotmod division. The G60 series American Racer KK704 (G60-15" 4" or G60-15SH) manufactured racing tire is required for competition beginning in 2013. No soaking, grooving, cutting, or siping of tires allowed. The G60 racing tire must durometer a minimum hardness of '60' or they are illegal.

Race teams are asked to please contact the Eastern Dirt Grassroots Entertainment Company by visiting them on the web atwww.edgeconnect.co. You can also call EDGE offices anytime for further information by texting/calling 304.771.5051 or faxing 304.758.4411 with any further questions on tire rules for the 2013-14 season. EDGE fans can receive up to the minute breaking news and live updates on our active media outlets which can be accessed via a variety of social media sites including Facebo0k at www.facebo0k.com/connect2edge or on Twitter atwww.twitter.com/connect2edge.

For more information regarding the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour visit the Renegades of Dirt online at www.renegadesofdirt.com. You can also call Renegade Offices anytime for further information @ 304.771.5051. Like us on Faceb0ok at www.faceb0ok.com/rodconnector on Twitter at www.twitter.com/rodconnect. You can also follow the

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