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    Here's a list of all winners this season.
    Features: Andy Bond (5), Jake Hawkins (2, including AMRA/ADRA Duel), Freddie Carpenter (2), Chris Carpenter (2), KC Burdette (2), Tyler Carpenter, Chris Garnes, Paul Wilmoth, Steve Lucas (Finale) 1 each
    Heats: Ronnie Mayle & KC Burdette 7, Steve Lucas, Freddie Carpenter & Ed Shuman 4 each, Andy Bond (3), Derek Doll (3), Donnie Dotson (3), Dan Morrison (3), Harold Redman (3), Chris Carpenter & Chris Garnes 2 each, 1 each for Jake Hawkins, Charlie George, Nick Corbitt, Frank Roush, Paul Wilmoth, Wayne Hughes, Butch McGill, Colten Burdette, Steve Bigley, Tyler Carpenter
    Consis: Dotson, George, Jeff Burdette, F. Carpenter, Nick Dohm, Morrison, Bigley, Tony Roush, A. Bond, Doll, Billy Holbert, Bob Adams
    POINTS TOP 5: Andy Bond, KC Burdette, Dan Morrison, Ed Shuman, Ron Mayle
    Features: Robbie Evans, Nick Corbitt, Tyler Evans (Finale) 3 each; Ken Riddle, Andy Bond, Roy Roush, Kenny Johnson, Rod Sayre, Tanner Wilson (Topless 30), Jeremy Berwanger, Jeremy Blake
    Heats: Tyler Evans (11), Corbitt (5), R. Evans, Johnson, Sayre (4 each), Kyle Bond (3), R. Roush (3), Riddle, Brandon Barnhart, Jerrad Willis, A. Bond, Jason Brooks, Tommy Powell 2 each; 1 each for Jim Fordyce, Dusty Boley, Wilson, Berwanger, Casey Fritz, Blake, Darrin McDonald, Vince Conrad
    Consis: Conrad, Blake, & Sayre 2 each; Corbitt, Jesse Rupe, K. Bond, A. Bond, Kevin Rooks, Ron Mayle 1 each
    POINTS TOP 5: Tyler Evans, Robbie Evans, Nick Corbitt, Andy Bond, Jeremy Blake
    Features: Levi Woods (9 including Finale), Matt Holcomb 3, Brandon Francis, Matt Maloney, Ted Lescody 1 each
    Heats: Woods 8, Francis 5, Maloney 4, Holcomb 3, Dale Giffin (2), Matt Fizer (2), Joe Memel, Sshelley Powell, Brandon McGrady, Aaron Ellis 1 each
    POINTS TOP 5: Levi Woods, Dale Giffin, Brandon Francis, Ted Lescody, George Klintworth
    Features: Tom Adkins (11), Dennis Adkins (3, including Grumpy Adkins Memorial), Seth Thaxton 2, Chris Lauer 1
    Heats: T. Adkins 13, Lauer 9, D. Adkins 6, Thaxton 5, Jeff Rankin & Donnie Wamsley 4 each, Denzil Barker 3, Austin Wilson 2, Keith Marlow & Sam Dickel 1 each
    Consis: Steve Brown (2), John Sinnett, Josh Ayers, Rankin, Rusty Blosser, Tim Christopher 1 each
    POINTS TOP 5: Tom Adkins, Jeff Rankin, Chris Lauer, Donnie Wamsley, Rusty Blosser
    Features: Cole Mayle 9, Zack Carr 6, Coleman Evans 2
    Heats: Mayle 12, Evans 8, Carr 6, Nathan Drake 4, Toby Wilson 2, Coleton Perine & Kenzie Dotson 1 each
    POINTS TOP 5: Cole Mayle, Nathan Drake, Coleman Evans, Toby Wilson, Kasey Rankin
    Features: Nathan Skaggs & Andre Layfield 2 each; Chris Myers & Kory Crabtree 1 each
    Heats: Jimmy Stinson 3, Josh Davis, Crabtree, Skaggs, 2 each; Jason Dolick, Wayne McPeek, Greg Mitchell, Layfield, Jim Nier, Danny Smith, C. Myers, Aaron Higgins 1 each
    Consis: Dolick 2, Mark Imler 1
    Features: Chad Smith 2
    Heats: Smith 2; Dave Kyle, Travis Thomas, Brad Dickson 1 each
    *Complete results and point standings are on our website, . Banquet info will be released around Dec. 1. We thank again all race teams, sponsors and fans for a wonderful 2013 season!
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